Python Python Basics (2015) Python Data Types Strings

Kelly Dragna
Kelly Dragna
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On challenge task 2 of 2 of the Python basics strings portion is rejecting everything I attempt.

I am doing exactly what was presented in the video. Yet it is still rejecting everything. I do not know where to turn.

Steven Parker
Steven Parker
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If you link to your challenge (this message links to a video), and show your code then someone can try to spot the problem.

1 Answer

Daniel Gauthier
Daniel Gauthier
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Hey Kelly,

The code the challenge is looking for is:

name = "Steven Parker"

subject = "Treehouse loves" + name

It really just wants to know that you understand how to concatenate within a variable.

Also, if you put a space after 'loves', that would cause issues too, even if it would prevent the words from squishing together when displayed.

Good luck with the course!