Java Java Basics Perfecting the Prototype Conditional ints

on eclipse the code works on workspacses not. Pls advise how to proceed.

Pls help me to finish this. The code works in real Java enviroment. I dont know what to write to be accepted.
int numberOfPeople = 3;
if(numberOfPeople < 4) {
System.out.print("Your table is ready");

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Jason Anders
Jason Anders
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Hi Lajos,

You are getting the Bummer! in the challenge, because your code doesn't match what the instructions are asking for. Challenges and the instructions are very specific and need to be followed exactly or the challenge will not pass.

Here the challenge says to "write out to the console," which is console.printf(). You are printing out using System.out.print(). Just change up that syntax and the rest is good!

Keep Coding! :) :dizzy: