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Alex Life
Alex Life
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OrderedDict practice

Oops! it looks like task 1 is no longer passing... Balogna.

Challenge in task one is to import OrderedDict from collections Challenge in task two is create an OrderedDict named menu with the keys and values exactly as they are in the comments. Both key and value will be a string.

Where am I wrong?
## Menu Items:
# 'n', 'new challenge'
# 's', 'new step'
# 'd', 'delete a challenge'
# 'e', 'edit a challenge'

from collections import OrderedDict

menu = OrderedDict([
    ('n', 'new challenge')
    ('s', 'new step')
    ('d', 'delete a challenge')
    ('e', 'edit a challenge')
Alex Life
Alex Life
2,791 Points

jk, stupid commas.

Steven Parker
Steven Parker
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You didn't delete the question, do you still want an answer?