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PageSpeed Chrome Extension

So it looks like as of May 14 2015 the PageSpeed chrome extension has been depreciated. They have provided a link to the online version but it's a bummer they don't have an in-browser extension. Does anyone know of one they replaced it with and/or why it became depreciated? I love my browser plugins and this one would have been a great addition.

Andrew Robinson
Andrew Robinson
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I am going to throw a guess out there, but I think they made it a hosted page instead of a browser plugin because if you're testing the page but you're downloading or have a bad internet connection, that may affect the results, where-as with it being a page hosted by Google themselves, they can provide more accurate data for us to work with.

That would make sense! Thanks Andrew!

Thanks Amber and Andrew. :)

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gregory gordon
gregory gordon
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just like what andrew said it is because everyones conection to the web is different speeds its a way to test on a high conection/different conections.