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MacKenzie T. Stout
MacKenzie T. Stout
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Passing arguments to an object using run method

With benchmarker object defined I am not sure how to pass arguments to the object

class SimpleBenchmarker
  def run(description, &block)
    start_time =
    end_time =
    elapsed = end_time - start_time

    puts "\n#{description} results"
    puts "Elapsed time: #{elapsed} seconds"

benchmarker =

1 Answer

Jennifer Nordell
Jennifer Nordell
Treehouse Staff

You're very close here! You've got it set up nicely. Now for the final pieces. We have to send it a string as the description. This can be whatever you like. And we have to send it a block of code, which can also be whatever you like. Here's how I did it:

benchmarker = "my benchmarker" do
  puts "This works!"

So we do the run method on our brand new benchmarker and send it a description. Then we send it a code block which in this case just prints out that it works :) Hope this helps!