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Pez Dispenser error... 

 public class Example {

    public static void main(String[] args){
     // Your amazing code goes here ...
        System.out.println("We are making a new PEZ Dispenser");
        PezDispenser dispenser = new PezDispenser();        
        System.out.printf("The dispenser is %s %n", 



 class PezDispenser {
    private String characterName = "Yoda";

    public String getCharacteName(){
        return characterName;

The error


   symbol:   method getCharacherName()                                                    
   location: variable dispenser of type PezDispenser

1 Answer


It looks like there are some typos in the code with the method name.

Yeah, friend of mine is practicing sometimes with my account. Fixed it for him. Thanks for the answer.