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Java Java Objects (Retired) Harnessing the Power of Objects Incrementing and Decrementing

./PezDispenser.java:16: error: ';' expected

i'm getting an error

that's my Example.java

public class Example {

    public static void main(String[] args) {
        // Your amazing code goes here...
        System.out.println("We are making a new Pez Dispenser.");
      PezDispenser dispenser = new PezDispenser ("Yoda");
      System.out.printf("The dispnenser chracter is %s\n",
      if (dispenser.isEmpty()) {
      System.out.println("It's curently empty");


      if (!dispenser.isEmpty()) {
      System.out.println("It's not longer empty");

      while (dispenser.dispense()) {
      if (dispenser.isEmpty()) {
      System.out.println("Ate all the PEZ");

and this is PezDispenser.java

public class PezDispenser{
  public static final int MAX_PEZ = 12;
  private String mCharacterName;
  private int mPezCount;
  public PezDispenser(String characterName) {
  mCharacterName = characterName;
    mPezCount = 0;

  public boolean dispense() {
  boolean wasDispensed = false;
    if (!isEmpty()) {
      wasDispensed = true;
    return wasDispensed;

  public boolean isEmpty(){
  return mPezCount == 0;

  public void load() {

  mPezCount = MAX_PEZ;


  public String getCharacterName(){
    return mCharacterName;


in Console it's shows me this error

 ./PezDispenser.java:16: error: ';' expected                                                                                      
    return wasDispensed                                                                                                          
1 error  

then treehouse:~/workspace$ javac Example.java && java Example
We are making a new Pez Dispenser.
The dispnenser chracter is Yoda
It's curently empty

2 Answers

Seph Cordovano
Seph Cordovano
17,400 Points

You probably need to either save the new version where wasDispensed has the ";" at the end or if you're using the console recompile the saved version before running it again. Often beginners forget that they have to recompile after new saved versions. I recommend just chaining both commands:

$ javac Example.java && java Example

This will recompile both Example.java and PezDispenser.java since they are connected in the code.

Thanks! I was facing a similar problem. Recompiling did the trick

49,872 Points

return wasDispensed ; You forgot ; at the end

public boolean dispense() { boolean wasDispensed = false; if (!isEmpty()) { mPezCount--; wasDispensed = true; } return wasDispensed; }

i don't think that i forgot the semicolon