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PHP Developement

Hello, After you finished the PHP Developement , could you actualy make a facebook like site?

6 Answers

Social media applications are incredibly database reliant. In fact, not a single dynamic trait on Facebook, Twitter, Google could be achieved without a database. Facebook used to use, and still does use a lot of PHP and even 'hack' mentioned by Dustin Matlock is described in wired magazine as "The New PHP".

Behind every great application is a database. You could be absolutely incredible at PHP or Ruby etc, but without knowledge of atleast MySQL (again used by Facebook amongst others types), you won't be going anywhere fast!

You will find it incredibly beneficial to take all the database related courses first before undertaking any kind of application build. It sounds a bit boring, but it will be impossible to build your application without this knowledge.

The PHP Development track will teach you PHP but not the skills required to make a Facebook like site specifically. You may be interested in the Ruby on Rails Course build a social application, but be warned - this course is a little dated and you must have exactly the same version of Ruby and Rails as the video to complete without a hitch. You may be interested to know that Twitter started (and I believe still is?) a Ruby on Rails application, as is Treehouse!

A language is just a tool, infrastructure and logic are very important ;)

So Ruby and Rails are used a lot as i see . So im a bit confused , PHP and Ruby on rails are the same thing ? right now what should i learn Ruby on Rails? or is it better to start with PHP? my goal is to build a facebook like or twitter like webpage in around 9 months . And talking about CMD , that wordpress stuff, can i layout a page with HTML and CSS and then add back end with wordpress? as like facebook like but i would code layout and then add the interactiity with wordpress ( its my mum that want to learn wordpress ) . My mainly goal is to get started as soon as i can so ill need database to store all tis things as you wrote and when people write a post it comes in etc.. and with time , when i learn more , i would upgrade it so my website is going . I have sort of traffic on Fb 5k people and every week there are arund 100-200 people comming . Sorry for my English , im working on it . bdw i just want o get started so i dont waste time with a bit of this and this. I mean so i can start now and get some effects so the best would be ruby on rails ?

to start this would be the best ? http://teamtreehouse.com/tracks/rails-development

PHP and Ruby are programming languages. Rails (Ruby on Rails) is a ready made framework coded in Ruby. It was created to streamline application creation. It sounds like you haven't started with any language learning what so ever?

All languages share a lot of general concepts. In this sense, it doesn't matter which language you start with but PHP is probably described as 'easier'.

I would suggest starting with the PHP track - or at least starting something/anything instead of worrying about what to learn.

I did basics of JS and i did some PHP basics etc.. month ago then i was in vacation without a pc and well didnt get my knowledge solid. Its that i want to start as soon as possibile with server language and im just curious how to start or what to start . I'll stay with PHP then . Thank you for all of your answers . But learning PHP , to build any interactiity , what is average time i mean like any time i should see some effects with the language? as if i learn it one week. should i get all the basics as var is $ in PHP if(statement) else (code etc... and then get to know more stuff like sending email etc? im asking because i dont want to be put off while learning , i mean that if im learning im actualy learning it and not going throw the courses with no knowledge if that make sense :/ my english isnt good not sure if you understand what i mean

You can't run before you can walk. Start small and grow your knowledge. If you feel like you didn't get the basics solid, maybe go through the PHP Basics course again - just do something! The speed at which you learn is totally dependent on you and how hard you work, how much time you put into it and how you learn. It's therefore impossible to tell you how long it would take to learn because only you know the answer to those questions!

I can say that if you go through the php development track and spend time understanding it as you go through, you will become fairly competent at the PHP language.

Aa i get it , it like same thing with HTML and CSS right? though programming is different from it, but theres still a bit to understand and leanr in HTML and CSS . As it says in my main right now , enought talking and i should get learning right now . Thank you really much i appriciate your time and help and others too . I go throw the basics again as to re-inforce everything or remember it back , thank you really much!

Hello everyone again!

I was just looking at something and i found this . Is this anyone website or what is this? I'm just asking because it looks pretty similar to a student from treehouse that had made a website but over time I'm sure it has changed .

Plus it famed up when i typed my name : p

Andrew Shook
Andrew Shook
31,709 Points

Possibly, but it would require a lot of time and a lot of hard work. Some of that hard work would include learning thing outside of treehouse.

you mean like doing it ower again outisde treehouse or watch a 150vidoes on youtube PHP Basics? and when would i get the hang of it ?

Andrew Shook
Andrew Shook
31,709 Points

You should be able to learn all the basics of PHP from treehouse. What you will need to learn on top of the basics are things like algorithm design, object orientated programming with PHP, how to integrate and use advanced libraries, and SQL . There is a lot of programming that goes into something as simple as uploading a video to a website, for example. Then you need to worry about auth. , data storage and optimizing the data base. Once you finish with treehouse give this book a try. It'll walk you through building a basic cms/social network site. It's contains all the basic code and explanations. I have read it myself and done the project, and I learned a lot from it.

Uh theres alot to learn PHP and JS i think . Hope ill could build a website in 9 months with all this, spending 3h per day maybe more . Im really exited to start with PHP and see the effects of it . Thank you for you answer , ill see that book ,hope ill get well with it .

Maybe on a smaller scale. Facebook has a whole team of developers that work on their social network. I think Facebook is eventually trying to fully implement the programming language Hackβ€”a language they created themselves.

Well what im intesting to make a website like that people can log in etc.. post new feeds , have different new feeds updated in different sections like . Houses and offers of houses , Cars and ofers of cars and place something like that , so like facebook but really simple and basic

is the Hack useful for us ? i mean like Swift and Obj-C are getting in like one place and going out there but Hack ?

You could try something like BuddyPress, and it may even work well with something like MemberPress. I'm not sure if that's what you're looking for. Otherwise, it would take some in-depth knowledge of PHPβ€”the language you're wanting to use for this project.

You could also use something like KeystoneJS.

Blaine Fallis
Blaine Fallis
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Top 15 sites that use or have used Ruby on Rails

I'm encouraged in the learning of Ruby on Rails in that it leans on D.R.Y. philosophy and package libraries. See the paragraph: Why Ruby. Also I always remember how Basecamp and 37 Signals apps were so striking and seamless, and I knew they were part of the onset of the RoR boom. about Basecamp wiki

Andrew Shook
Andrew Shook
31,709 Points

Aurelian Spodarec, go to YouTube a search for phpacademy, they have some great intermediate PHP tutorials and they go of some programming theory as well.