PHP Frameworks?

I downloaded CodeIgniter today and have been playing around with it and it seems pretty nice so far. I'll start to develop something with it shortly to see how it pans out then. I'm still new to the MVC structure, though so far I really like it and it's starting to make sense! hah.

I know there are plenty of others that are out there, CakePHP comes to mind.

Do any of you have any preferences as to specific ones, and why?

P.S. I consider myself an intermediate php developer

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Mark Flavin
Mark Flavin
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I am fond of Codeignter, FuelPHP and Laravel.

They all have their pluses and minuses so I guess it really depends on the project you are working on. However of I was forced to choose I think I would select Laravel because of their documentation and the Laravel ORM Eloquent

P.S. Good article on MVC frameworks on phpmaster recently. Link to article

Reverse Routing allows you to create links to named routes. When creating links just use the route's name and Laravel will automatically insert the correct URI. This allows you to change your routes at a later time and Laravel will update all of the relevant links site-wide.

Class Auto Loading keeps you from having to maintain an autoloader configuration and from loading unnecessary components when they won't be used. Want to use a library or model? Don't bother loading it, just use it. Laravel will handle the rest.

Migrations are version control for your database schemas and they are directly integrated into Laravel. You can both generate and run migrations using the "Artisan" command-line utility. Once another member makes schema changes you can update your local copy from the repository and run migrations. Now you're up to date, too!

Those features all sound awesome. and codeigniter doesn't have them. Having to manually load my classes reminds me of some non-web language, c++, java, c#, etc.. lol. I'll definitely look into that. It's lots of work to learn it so I want to pick one that is best for the majority of projects I guess. I spend around 5-6hours learning about codeIgniter tonight, so I'll have to take a closer look at laravel tomorrow

Mark Flavin
Mark Flavin
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Awesome glad you found a fit. BTW - Jefferey Way did an excellent Laravel series over at Tutsplus.