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PHP method issue


I am not able to properly solve this task, I have tried applying the method several ways, but it seems that I don't understand it well enough, hence, please help me grasp the concept and solve this task

include 'class.palprimechecker.php';
$checker = new PalprimeChecker;
$checker -> number = 17;

echo "The number " . $checker->number ;
if isPalprime($checker->number){
  echo "is" . ;
  echo "is not" . ;
echo " a palprime.";


This is the task's condition: PalprimeChecker objects have a method called isPalprime(). This method does not receive any arguments. It returns true if the number property contains a palprime, and it returns false if the number property does not contain a palprime. (Tip: 17 is not a palprime.) Turn the second echo statement into a conditional that displays "is" or "is not" appropriately. The conditional should call the isPalprime method of the $checker object. If the isPalprime method returns true, then echo "is"; otherwise, echo "is not".

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Benjamin Larson
Benjamin Larson
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Hi Ioan -

The challenge makes a note that the isPalprime() function doesn't accept any arguments. Therefore, you should call it like this:


Try adding that inside your conditional logic.