PHP Build a Basic PHP Website (2018) Building a Media Library in PHP Adding Active States to the Navigation

daniel steinberg
daniel steinberg
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PHP not working correctly on "Build a basic php website", section "adding-active-states-to-the-navigation"

I am following along step by step with the video. when the following php is added for each section, is does not work correctly. In the video, each section name is underlined when selected. When i try it , "books', "movies", and "music" nothing happens; when I select "suggest", ALL sections are underlined:

<ul class="nav"> <li class="books<?php if ($section == "books") { echo " on"; } ?>"><a href="catalog.php?cat=books">Books</a></li> <li class="movies<?php if ($section == "movies") { echo " on"; } ?>"><a href="catalog.php?cat=movies">Movies</a></li> <li class="music<?php if ($section == "music") { echo " on"; } ?>"><a href="catalog.php?cat=music">Music</a></li> <li class="suggest<?php if ($section == "suggest") { echo " on"; } ?>"><a href="suggest.php">Suggest</a></li> </ul>

Thanks very much to anyone who can help