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Miriam Allman
Miriam Allman
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Please close the following HTML tag: <h1>Welcome to my webpage

i dont understand how to close the tag

2 Answers

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It just means you add a </H1>

So HTML tags should always come in pairs, open and close. ie. <table></table>, <html></html>, <body></body>

Patrick Bamford
Patrick Bamford
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Your HTML line of code should look like; <h1> Whatever You'd like your first title heading to be for the page here </h1>

The opening tag will be <h1>, this opening tag needs to be "closed" with its closing tag which is, </h1>. What ever you type between those two tags will be your 1st level heading for that page. Almost all HTML tags need to be closed with the appropriate closing tag. There are a few exceptions though such as an img which is self-closing <img src="file.img " alt=" "> this is a self-closing tag. Hope this helps.

Closed: <h1></h1>  

Self-closing: <img src="" alt="">   
<br />