Python Python Basics (2015) Python Data Types String Formatting

Please help me with this, I am lost

I don't know where to use the .format(), it says on a string, but where?
name = "Amin"
subject = "Treehouse loves {}"

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Antonio De Rose
Antonio De Rose
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name = "Amin"
subject = "Treehouse loves {}"

# question
# OK, now use .format() on the string "Treehouse loves {}" to put your name into the placeholder. Assign this to the  #variable subject (so start with subject =).

# You do not need to print() anything.

#so what's next is you have try bring the format method, if you have doubt to do that, I'd recommend
#to go through the video's over and over
#n place of the {} your name will have to come, when the script that you have written is run
#how do you do that, use the format function, to combine a string with a function, you use a dot operator
#then format is a function, function will always have (), so you add that too, and inside the format, what is
#there would only come in place of {}, what the questions asks it to add the variable name

subject = "Treehouse loves {}".format(name)