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At 02:58 when he says make a two column layout, I'm confused on how to go about that. Everything went fine imo, I like the way the layout turned out in preview. I managed to get the layout for mobile and desktop viewports, I managed to get three columns for the secondary, primary, and tertiary divs, and I managed to complete the overall project. I just can't seem to figure out how to make two columns for when the screen is at medium width. I tried creating a second media quarrie and playing with the toggle device toolbar in the developer tools, but still can't seem to figure it out. Please help! Honestly I think it looks fine in medium/iPad viewport width the way I did it, but that's not how he wants it done, and I want to complete the project the way he wants it completed. Thanks!

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hi there,

what Guil Hernandez did for medium devices is next :

    .secondary {
        width: 50%;

He targeted .primary and .secondary and set width at 50% (so they take 100% together) and he didnt touch .tertiary (cascade in action meaning .tertiary will take sapace below .primary and .secondary) I personaly like his better since its not that cramped but its really up to you...

Hope it helps