Python Python Basics (2015) Logic in Python Loop

Oscar Chong
Oscar Chong
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Pls help me out!

I need you to write a for loop that goes through each of the words in hellos and prints each word plus the word "World". So, for example, the first iteration would print "Hello World".

For this question, why my code is wrong? How can I correct it? Thanks
hellos = [
    "dobrý den",
    "hyvää päivää",

for i in hellos:
    hellos[1] = 'World'

1 Answer

Hey there, you have to loop through the array, and print each item with world beside it :

for i in hellos:
    var = i + " World"

the "i" is gonna play the role of each item in the array, cause you're saying : " for every i in array hellos, print i ( one item at a time), plus the word "World" .