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POSTMAN post body doesn't contain the name and completed keys/values

I'm having trouble @ 6:12 in the vid. Huston (and I) save the code block and open postman to post a new todo. When he and I both post raw Body data, { "name": "Dance", "completed": false }

his Body response: { "todo": { "__v": 0, "name": "Dance", "completed": false, "_id": "569e973bd937b78231ea7f37" }, "message": "Todo Created" }

my Body response: { "todo": { "__v": 0, "_id": "581cb6fd5d0263499093d832" }, "message": "Todo Created" }

Not sure why the name and completed keys are not shown in the response. I looked at the project files and my code appears to match his, exactly. The only difference in my code is comments that I've added to help guide me in the future.

mongod, mongo, and nodemon are all running..

If anyone knows what may be causing this I'd appreciate assistance. Thank you!

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Daniel Murdolo
Daniel Murdolo
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I had the same issue just now.

Something he doesn't mention is changing the body type from Text (this was my default) to JSON (application/json) in Postman. It was positioned next to the radio buttons (form-data, etc.) in a drop-down.

Hopefully that helps.