JavaScript jQuery Basics Understanding jQuery Events and DOM Traversal What is Traversal?

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prev() Hey, sorry but I didn't quite understand why she is using prev() to access the different buttons? Can someone explain this for "dummies"? haha I understood what the prev method is used for with those lists examples, but I can't get it right on this project?

Thank you! :)))

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Steven Parker
Steven Parker
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The purpose of traversal is to get a reference to an element starting with a reference to another element.

The "prev()" method gets a reference to the element just before the one it is used on. So if you click on a button, the $( refers to the button itself, and using "prev()" on that refers to the span just before it:

<span style="display: none">Darth Vader is ... <span>  <!-- $( -->
<button>Reveal Spoiler</button>                        <!-- $( -->

Does that help?