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Preview 'is no longer available' in 'Converting strings to integers'

Here is the message in the new tab:

Workspace Unavailable This is a preview link for a Treehouse Workspace that is not currently active. If you are the workspace owner, you can launch it again via the Treehouse site.

The selection available in the Preview button selection is 'Port 3000', I'm not used to seeing that.

Any tips or fixes?

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Steven Parker
Steven Parker
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Have you tried what the message suggested?

Close the preview window, close the workspace, re-launch the workspace, and then open the preview from the new workspace.

My sincere apologies for not turning this around sooner. After returning home from hospital I was only able to duplicate the issue after many tries by simply allowing the session, then in turn my Mac, to time out due to inactivity. In 1 of twenty tries the session would not return using usual re-awakening procedures; in that one-timer using Stephen Parker's answer, I was able to successfully restore the session.

I believe it is a joyous occasion to remind ourselves that 'Have you tried turning it off, and then on again' persists as the Best Answer <smiley>