C# C# Basics (Retired) Perform if / else

Print "C# Rocks!" if language equals "C#" otherwise print language + " is not C#." So if I entered "Cheese" then "Cheese

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string language = Console.ReadLine();

if(language == "C#")
  System.Console.WriteLine("C# Rocks!");



    System.Console.WriteLine(language + "is not C#.");

    // (it will print cheese is not);

Hi there! I'm not really sure what your question is, but I do notice that you have no closing curly braces anywhere. They are all open. Each of your code blocks should be started with open braces " { " and then closed with closed braces " } " Notice how you have no }}}} ? Also when you write your concatenation at the end, you should add a space before is. E.g. " is not C#" otherwise it'll say, "Cheeseis not C#" with no space there. Hope this helps!