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Kevin Dunn
Kevin Dunn
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print() function not working properly


I am having some problems with my print function.

I tried to print out the data by using the document.getElementById method, but it only prints out the last object in the array. In this case it would be Frank. How can I fix this?

var students = [
  { name: 'Kevin', track: 'Front End Development', achievements: 12, points: 3244},
  { name: 'Jimmy', track: 'iOS', achievements: 3, points: 544 },
  { name: 'Jane', track: 'Web Design', achievements: 50, points: 12244 },
  { name: 'Amy', track: 'Ruby on Rails', achievements: 20, points: 6244 },
  { name: 'Frank', track: 'Business', achievements: 2, points: 444 }

var msg;

function print(message){
  output.innerHTML = message;

for (var student in students){
  msg = '<strong><p>Student: ' + students[student].name + '</p></strong>';
  msg += '<p>Track: ' + students[student].track + '</p>';
  msg += '<p>Points: ' + students[student].points + '</p>';
  msg += '<p>Achievements: ' + students[student].achievements + '</p>';


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Steven Parker
Steven Parker
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:point_right: You may need a change to accumulate the student records.

Your loop calls the print function for each student. And your print function replaces the output text each time it is called. So together, they keep replacing the output so when the loop is done only the final student will be shown.

To change this, you'll want to change one or the other to accumulate (+=) rather than replace (=).

Kevin Dunn
Kevin Dunn
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Thanks! that worked