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PrintWriter vs. FileWriter

I've noticed Craig uses PrintWriter to write to file instead of FileWriter. I've done some research on the differences, but haven't found a clear answer. What advantages are there to wrapping a FileWriter in a PrintWriter instead of using FileWriter directly? If it's situational, when is FileWriter preferred and when is PrintWriter preferred? Thanks!

Tal Idan
Tal Idan
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I'll take a wild guess and say PrintWriter is good for txt files with Strings in them, while FileWriter is for java and other types of files. hope I've helped.

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Courtney Wilson
Courtney Wilson
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FileWriter's write() method that accepts a String only writes a portion of a String to a file. Syntax:

write(String str, int off, int len)

The starting position (int off) and number of characters to write (int len) must be known. I've used the write() method with BufferedWriter for a String where I knew the amount of characters. For the Karaoke example (where the length is not known) PrintWriter is better suited.