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Problem with the try method.

Hi everyone,

So in my script I use the 'try' method to check if the user input is an integer. This works every time except when the script first runs and I pass a non-int value on the very first guess. I get an unbound local error like this: "UnboundLocalError: local variable 'guess' referenced before assignment"

if I pass a non convertible int on any other try, the program works just fine. Anyone have any ideas?


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Chris Freeman
Chris Freeman
Treehouse Moderator 64,074 Points

It would help to see your code but based on your description, if it only fails for non-ints on the first pass then the try block is failing, the except block is run, and the else block, if present is skipped.

In this flow, if guess is only assigned in the try block, it will not yet have an assigned value for a non-int on the first pass. The first reference to guess after the try block will fail as you have seen.

One fix is to add guess = None in the except block or add the line above the try block to init guess.