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Brian Diaz
Brian Diaz
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Product Idea code not working

I keep trying but can't get it at all.
def suggest(product_idea):
    return product_idea + "inator"

product_idea = input("What is your idea?   ")
return(product_idea + "inator")
if len(product_idea)<3:
    raise ValueError

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Heidi Fryzell
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Heidi Fryzell
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Hi Brian,

All you need to do is add two lines of code, which includes the if conditional statement that will raise the value error if the length of "product_idea" is less than 3.

If the "product_idea" is greater than 3, the return statement will execute.

def suggest(product_idea):
    if len(product_idea) < 3:
        raise ValueError;
    return product_idea + "inator"

Happy Coding! Heidi