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Profiling and console help!

I am using Chrome on a PC so naturally my dev tools panel looks slightly different than the one Nick is using, however when I run the javascript CPU profile, it will not let me click on the console tab to run the javascript I want to test, or any other tab for that matter until I stop the test. Is there a setting that needs to be turned on to do this? any information would be appreciated :]

Matthew Smith
Matthew Smith
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I use Chrome on a PC too; and for me, to the left of the Settings gear there's a button that looks like ">_" which, when clicked, reveals an options panel with a console that you're able to use.

I tried to reproduce what you described and wasn't able to get to the console in the main panel when the profile ran either; which seems like strange behaviour.

Anyway, I hope that this helped you!

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Michael Hanna
Michael Hanna
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Try hitting 'Esc' to toggle the display of another frame that contains the console. I had the same issue (was unable to click the 'Console' tab once I started recording on the 'Profiles' tab), but displaying the extra console frame with the 'Esc' key allowed me to run commands in the console while recording.