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Georg Ekeberg
Georg Ekeberg
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Program breaks when on of the promises are rejected. (Namespelling discrepancy issue.)

Since Wikipedia spells Anatoly's name with an I at the end, I get a 404 error on that specific promise. This gives me the following error:

Error at XMLHttpRequest.xhr.onload (promises.js:15)

How do I make sure that the program works, even if this happens?

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Brendan Moran
Brendan Moran
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Use Promise.allSettled(). The following code works, it's simply going to skip over the rejected promise:

function getWikiProfiles(data) {
  const profiles = => {
    return getJSON(wikiUrl +;
  return Promise.allSettled(profiles);

function generateHTML(data) {
  data.forEach(person => {
    if (person.status === 'fulfilled') {
      person = person.value;
      const section = document.createElement('section');
      section.innerHTML = `
        <img src=${person.thumbnail.source}>
Sean Ball
Sean Ball
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where exactly is getWikiProfiles being called?

Steven Parker
Steven Parker
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This issue is due to two 3rd-party API's having a disagreement about spelling. :see_no_evil: Code that would handle this kind of thing in a generic way would be rather complex.

But if you don't mind applying a temporary fix for these specific cases, see the code posted by another student in reponse to this other question