Program concerning data entry. Accessable database.

Well i have a Macbook. And I'd like to create a program that can run on Mac.In a nutshell it's a data entry program ultimately a database program. I plan on learning Swift but am not sure if it is only for mobile iOS apps. I would also like it to be able use it on IOS. *** my current workflow I have database of items I keep track of (pretty much like an inventory). Am continuously adding more to the list. Just like an inventory there categories and sub-categories, brands and some repetitive key tag words. Am currently using Evernote whenever I need to lookup something I have to use search list to find anything. I also use a lot of images. Am attracted to Swift because am getting a Mac again and I understand Swift is fairly easy to learn for a beginner. Side note in a previous life I started learning c++ so I have a super basic of programming concept. Thank you for any help. #swift

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Although not a language but it may provide what you are looking for is FileMaker. 'Serious' programmers may scoff but I use it and it works great for smaller applications. It has a 45 day free trial and can be used to quickly build database apps for Mac, Windows, iPad, iPhone. I don't know enough about Swift to make any recommendations there.

Great. Thank you for the suggestion and I’ll look into it to see how this will fit my needs .