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Project will build, but the generated Java is having an error

I followed along with this course and the make a weather app course and its having an issue with the generated Java. I cannot find anything about my problem online and even made a second copy of my project and copy and pasted over the files from this course (excluding the com.treehouse over me email) and its still having an issue with the databinding folder. Here is a link to my github page with the project.

1 Answer

Hi. I had a look at your GitHub repo. You just need to rename your "Weather" package "weather" (with a lower case) and it will compile. When your package name starts with an upper case letter, Android Studio will look for a class. So it's recommended to name your packages using lower case. Check Java's naming convention for packages here: Your app will run but it's not finished. I've noticed a couple of errors that need fixing too, so the hourly data activity can show up. I'll be happy to help if you need to. Good luck!