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Anton Paluykh
Anton Paluykh
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Property and value - name

Hi everyone! Could you explain for me please why we can use shorthand like this '{name}' instead of this '{name: name}' I mean why is it work)?

const userNames = ['Samir', 'Angela', 'Beatrice', 'Shaniqua', 'Marvin', 'Sean'];
    // Result: [{name: 'Samir'}, {name: 'Shaniqua'}, {name:'Sean'}];

const userObj = userNames.filter(name => name[0] === 'S')
                         .map(name => ({name})); // why is it work? instead {name: name}

Thank you in advance

1 Answer

Steven Parker
Steven Parker
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The shorthand form of object initializer notation was introduced in ES2015, and is now just a part of the language syntax.

For more details, see the "Property definitions" section of the MDN page for Object initializer.