HTML Introduction to HTML and CSS HTML: The Structural Foundation of Web Pages and Applications Test: Creating an HTML Element

put the text in paragraph tag

to replace the src attribute

    <title>My trip to Spain</title>

    <img <p>"images/spain.jpg"<p/> alt="A picture of me in Spain">
    Here is a picture of me in Spain last summer!
    <a>Go back to the top of the page.</a>


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Jamie Reardon
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Jamie Reardon
Treehouse Project Reviewer

You have nested your p tags inside of an img element. You need to wrap your p tags around the text "Here is a picture of me in Spain last summer!" You are not suppose to "replace" the src attribute of the img element. You are making a different element altogether, the img element and p element are separate.

<p>Here is a picture of me in Spain last summer!</p>

the src attribute in the img tag should look like this:

<img src="images/spain.jpg">