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Python Basics Letter Guess Game

Hi Treehouse community,

Would someone please help me out. I have been getting this error time and time again with my code and I don't understand why it comes up:

My error is: File "Letter_game.py", line 47
def get_guess(bad_guesses, good guesses):
SyntaxError: invalid syntax

My code is: import os import sys import random

make a list of words

words = [ 'apple', 'banana', 'organe', 'coconut', 'strawberry', 'lime', 'grapefruit', 'lemon', 'kumquat', 'blueberry', 'melon' ]

def clear(): if os.name == 'nt': os.system('cls') else: os.system('clear')

def draw(bad_guesses, good_guesses, secert_word):


print('Strikes: {}/7'.format(len(bad_guesses)))

for letter in bad_guesses:
    print(letter, end=' ')

# draw spaces, guessed letters and strikes
for letter in secert_word:
    if letter in good_guesses:
        print(letter, end='')
        print('_', end='')


def get_guess(bad_guesses, good guesses): # take guess while True: guess = input("Guess a letter: ").lower()

    if len(guess) != 1:
        print("You can only guess a single letter")
    # checks to see if they are in lists
    elif guess in bad_guesses or guess in good_guesses:
        print("You have already guessed that letter")
    # isalpha checks if characters are letters
    elif not guess.isalpha():
        print("You can only guess letters!")

        return guess

def play(done): clear() secert_word = random.choic(words) bad_guesses = [] good_guesses = []

while True:
    draw(bad_guesses, good_guesses, secert_word)
    guess = get_guess(bad_guesses, good_guesses)

    if guess in secert_word:
        found = True
        for letter in secert_word:
            if letter not in good_guesses:
                found = False
        if found:
            print("You win!)
            print("The secert word was {}".format(secert_word))
            done = True

        if len(bad_guesses) == 7:
            draw(bad_guesses, good_guesses, secert_word)
            print('You lost!')
            print('The secert word was {}'.format(secert_word)
            done = True

    if done:
        play_again = input('Play again? Y/n ').lower()
        if play_again != 'n'
            return play(done=False)

print('Welcome to Letter Guess')

done = False

while True: clear() welcome() play(done)

I'm gonna go out on a limb and say that it has something to do with the typos in your code. There are many places where you spell append() as appened, secret as secert and so on. Since get_guesses() relies on at least the append() method working properly, I would suggest you go back through your code and try to fix these errors. If it still does not work, perhaps you can try to reformat your question so that I can view the code properly.

1 Answer

The first major error is in your def get_guess(bad_guesses, good guesses): it's missing an underscore in "good_guesses" which is making the function definition invalid syntax. If you fix that, you should be able to sort out the rest of the errors with minimal difficulty