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andres spitzer
andres spitzer
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question 2

I don't understand whats wrong on the code of 2nd question:
class Panda:
    species = 'Ailuropoda melanoleuca'
    food = 'bamboo'
    def __init__(self, is_hungry = True):
        self.is_hungry = is_hungry

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Jennifer Nordell
Jennifer Nordell
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Hi there, andres spitzer! You've got the right idea. But the challenge is asking you to do the same thing but without adding the is_hungry as a parameter to the __init___. You've overthought this and added a default value for an argument.

def __init__(self):
     self.is_hungry = True

Hope this helps! :sparkles:

Chris Freeman
Chris Freeman
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andres spitzer your answer shows expanded thinking! It is only the narrow scope of the checker that prevents your code from passing. Full marks! 💯