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Kevin Carl David
Kevin Carl David
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Question about the array of strings in the loader


in regard with the array of string being created in each line for the loader(title, artist and URL), I was just wondering how come even if the artist/title is more than 1 word, the size of array doesnt increase?


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Livia Galeazzi
Livia Galeazzi
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Hi! A String is a collection of characters. It doesn't matter if some of those characters are spaces. This is one String:

String stringWithOneWord = "Martha";

This is also one String:

String stringWithTwoWords = "Martha Jones";

And this too:

String stringWithFullSentence = "Martha Jones loves software development and chocolate!";

So the array of strings just stores one more string, and it doesn't care if there are several words inside that string. In fact that array does not know that this string contains several words.