HTML HTML Basics Images, Text and Links Understanding File Paths

James Sanders
James Sanders
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question replies too slow.

Hi. Here's an update to my question. replies came in too slowly to be applicable to learning the module. They came in days if not weeks after the initial question. Since the time after posing the first question, I already went onto the next learning module; thereby making the answer to the question outdated for my purposes and too slow in response.

Abhishek Sabbarapu
Abhishek Sabbarapu
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Hi James,

Try closing the workspace and launching it again from the video's Launch Workspace section. There may be a possibility you may be looking at a previously opened workspace. Workspaces would be different for each video.

Hope this helps.

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You can up setting workspace choose folder write HTML basics then sub folder article is that simple . If you have more problems let me know I will so glad to help