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Erin DeSpain
Erin DeSpain
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Question with Reporting with SQL Challenge 1/1 appears broken

Challenge Task 1 of 1 In an ecommerce database there's a customers table with id, username, first_name, last_name, password, email and phone columns.

Create a report from the customers table that shows their first initial of their first name and alias it as initial. Select their last name too.

I enter:

SELECT SUBSTR(first_name,1,1) || " " || last_name AS initial FROM customers;

I get:

Bummer: Expecting results like 'L Chalkley' not 'L Chalkley'.

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The error message is a little odd. But what the task wants you to do is select the first character of the first name as initial (makes sense) and select last name as a separate column.