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quiz game not calling init method

when I import Quiz from quiz and try to call the questions (i.e. quiz1.questions) as Kenneth does at the end of the video, i get a blank list [], rather than a bunch of questions. I'm not sure why my init method is not appending the questions list. see code below.



import datetime import random

from questions import Add, Multiply

class Quiz:

questions = []
answers = []

def __init__(self):
    question_types = (Add, Multiply)
    for _ in range(10):
        num1 = random.randint(1, 10)
        num2 = random.randint(1, 10)
        question = random.choice(question_types)(num1, num2)

def take_quiz(self):
    # log the start time
    # ask all of the questions
    # log if they got the question right
    # log the end time
    # show a summary

def ask(self, question):
    # log the start time
    # capture the answer
    # check the answer
    # log the end time
    # if the answer's right, send back True
    # otherwise, send back False
    # send back the elapsed time, too

def total_correct(self):
    #return the number of total correct answers
    total = 0
    for answer in self.answers:
        if answer[0]:
            total += 1
    return total

def summary(self):
    # print how many you got right and the total # of questions. 5/10
    print("You got {} out of {} right.".format(
            self.total_correct(), len(self.questions)
    print("It took you {} seconds total.".format(

2 Answers

Are you instantiated Quiz? The __init__ method isn't called unless you are creating an instance of Quiz.

Yes I was.. perhaps it is a bug with workspaces? Thanks though!