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Gia Hoang Nguyen
Gia Hoang Nguyen
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Quote vs Pull Quote vs Block quote

What is the difference between quote, pull quote and block quote?

How can we identify them?

What are the benefits of using those three quotes?

Why do we need to add the cite="" before the quote?


Angela Huffman
Angela Huffman
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Different types of quote tags may be handled slightly differently by the browser, for instance (from the W3 schools HTML documentation), "Browsers usually insert quotation marks around the <q> element," and "Browsers usually indent <blockquote> elements."

From a usage stand point, different kinds of HTML quotation tags are used for different types of quotes. For instance, a pull quotes are a device by which a publication would feature a quote from the article where the quote appears, whereas a block quote may have the same styling applied, but is intended to feature a quote from an outside source.

The cite attribute specifies a URL to a document that explains the quote, or why the text was inserted/changed. Using this attribute adds clarity and context to the work. It's inserted before the actual quote because it's an attribute of the <quote> tag (among others) and attributes live in the opening tag.

I highly recommend checking out the documentation at W3 schools

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Hi, here you gonna have some ideas and example how to use it.

Like Angela Huffman says W3School is a good page to understand more about HTML Tags ;).

Have Fun.