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Tim McClean
Tim McClean
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Raise Exception

Hello all. I am new here, and I can't figure out what I am doing wrong here. Can any please help ?>
def suggest(product_idea):
    product_idea = input("What is your product idea?"  )
    if len(product_idea) < 3:
        raise ValueError("Sorry too short")
    return product_idea + "inator"

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product_idea will be passed in by the checker. You don't need to prompt for it yourself. Delete that line and you are good.

Uria Levi
Uria Levi
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Do only what it asked you for - don't add your own ideas because it would raise an error.

for an example, you could only add this line:

if len(product_idea) < 3: raise ValueError()

and it would pass. any other data and it would raise an error.