iOS Parsing JSON Using Codable Dynamic Keys and Inheritance Dynamic Coding Keys

Randell Pur
Randell Pur
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Reference to member 'designer' cannot be resolved without a contextual type

I am getting this message on both designer and release.

I am not sure what it means or how to fix this.

Jhoan Arango
Jhoan Arango
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Hello Randel,

If you don't mind showing some of your code so that we can see where is wrong and to better help it would be great.

1 Answer

Gene Bogdanovich
Gene Bogdanovich
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It means that you used the wrong type to create languageContainer.

It should be:

let languageContainer = try languagesContainer.nestedContainer(keyedBy: LanguageCodingKeys.self, forKey: key)

Happy coding!