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Refresh button not working

Hello. Quick query...any time I update my code and click refresh in the browser, it doesn't work. The changes don't seem to be applied. However, if I close that browser window and click preview instead, it works perfectly well and the updates are performed. So not a huge problem, just wondering if there is a simple solution rather than having to close the browser window each time? I'm using windows 10 if that helps...? Many thanks Neil

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Hi Neil,

It is tough to say what is causing the problem without seeing your environment. Some quick troubleshooting ideas...:

  1. Are you sure you are saving your CSS changes before you refresh the browser window?
  2. Have you tried other browsers, i.e. Chrome vs. Firefox?
  3. Do other CSS/HTML courses give you the same issue or just the course you are working on?

If the troubleshooting doesn't yield a solution, it may be another type of issue and you can contact Support to help you find a fix. Best of luck!


Hi. Sorry for the late reply. Turns out it was indeed a browser issue. Thanks for your help.