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Regarding Shirts4Mike project using MySQL


I build a site for Shirts4Mike with the help of a the course work - Build a Simple PHP Application. I want to extend the application to make use of MySQL. I figured out that the course Using PHP with Mysql helps do that. I am confused if the 2nd course is an extension of the first one or based on some other module? I was trying to edit the products.php from my previous learning on building a simple php site to include MySQL but the code looks different here in the MySQL course work. Could you please suggest? The final products.php after completing Build a Simple PHP Application has the function get_list_view_html but in the Using PHP with MySQL shows the products.php has a function get_products_all() function, which I am not sure where we called in the Build a Simple PHP Application module.

Thanks Manjusha

1 Answer

Well it is a mess really. I am in a similiar situation as you and it seems a lot of extra code was added in a different lesson. So we have effectively skipped it.