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Regarding the property column-width: Did Guil mean "min-width" instead of "max-width"?

In the video, when overlord Guil was discussing the column-width: ; property, he said

So noooow, our columns will always be 250px wide. So this is sort of like a max-width: ; for our columns. Because as you can see, when the browser window or screen size is narrowed, the column count is reduced to fit the screen by flowing its content into less columns that are 250px wide until it's reduced to a single column

So it seems to me that what the browser is doing is resizing the columns once they hit a breakpoint of 250px, or in other words, once the columns get below 250px, the browser refits them into larger columns. So, at least to my understanding, this would be the same as min-width: ; would it not?

Or am I completely misunderstanding?

Thanks in advance!

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Colin Marshall
Colin Marshall
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I would agree with you that min-width would make a little more sense here. It's like having a breakpoint with a min-width of 250px per column. Once it goes below that 250px per column width, it gets rid of a column.