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Brad Givens
Brad Givens
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Rendering Partial -

I'm not sure where I'm going wrong here, I've successfully rendered partials in other examples before outside of Treehouse. I think I'm getting confused with the pet/name variables but I've tried to alternate which ones go where.

Any ideas?


<h1>Owner: <%= %></h1>

<div id="pets">
  <% @owner.pets.each do |name| %>
    <%= render partial: "pets/pet" %>
  <% end %>

  <%= %>

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Jay McGavren
Jay McGavren
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You've got a couple issues here.

  • You need to set the local pet variable that will be used within the partial from your main template. There are several ways to do this, but here's one that's compatible with the code you already have:
  <% @owner.pets.each do |pet| %>
    <%= render partial: "pets/pet", locals: {pet: pet} %>
  <% end %>
  • Your _pet partial is actually trying to call a class method on the Pet class, not an instance of the Pet class. Local variables are always named in lower-case. Starting with upper-case indicates a constant, like a class name.

You should review the preceding video for details on getting local variables into the partial view.