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Replacement for Google Chrome PageSpeed Insights

Google Developers implemented a change: "PageSpeed Insights for Google Chrome has been deprecated. Please use the online version of PageSpeed Insights."

Web site for the tool:

(basically Google eliminated the Chrome plugin and replaced it with a web site tool)

There is also a commercial tool from Verizon: Edge Optimizer

I have recently used the and it worked very well. It gives great insight to what is working well to what needs to be changed and everything in between. It also gives you a link to documentation on how to make the needed corrections.

Maria Campbell
Maria Campbell
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PageSpeed does work well. It's just that the video here is a bit deprecated...

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Dana Loiz
Dana Loiz
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Another alternative might be AWRStudyr - also a free Chrome extension - It gives pagespeed on both mobile and desktop, and additional information on what can be done to improve the score. The extension basically pulls the information from the same source - Google's tool, but it's an extension - therefore faster to use for multiple check-ups.