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Clayton Bowland
Clayton Bowland
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replacing amperstams and copyright symbols

still not getting how to replace "&" and copyright symbols with html entitys

<!DOCTYPE html> 
    <title>My Page</title>
    <h3>Design & amp; Development</h3>
    <p>Contact me at <a href=""></a>.</p>
    <p> & copy; 2017</p>
André Larsen
André Larsen
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I believe that either you type the NUMBER or the SHORTCODE/ENTITY (in this case we take the copyright symbol). For example, the number for the copyright symbol is "&-#169;" - or you can also type the entity, which is "&-copy;".

These codes give you the symbol you want, so if I want to say "Copyright Clayboy", you type in "&-#169; André" or "&-copy; Clayboy"

Don't beat yourself up about not remembering all of them. W3Schools has a nice list of them here ""

Edit: I didn't know my HTML symbols would display as "symbols" and not the "code" itself so I added a "-" between the & signs. Hope it helps.

© & copy

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Ben Reynolds
Ben Reynolds
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You have an extra space between the ampersands and the entity name. They should be right next to each other. For example the trademark symbol would look like this:

André Larsen
André Larsen
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The NUMBER for copyright


The ENTITY/SHORTCODE for copyright


Forgot to add this so you could see the code for the symbols :D