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Responsive design

Swap out <img src=”img/love-at-first-bite.gif alt=”Love at First Bite”> tag with the correct HTML markup to instead bring in an love-at-first-bite.svg, located in the same “img” folder.

This Question is really terrible as I have tried the solution about 30 times but no pass.

The final solution where I stopped is: <object data="img/love-at-first-bite.svg" type="img/svg+xml"> <a href="img/love-at-first-bite.svg"> <!--[if lte ie 8}--> <img src="img/love-at-first-bite.gif" alt=”Love at First Bite”> <!--[endif]--> </a> </object>

Could you give me the link to the question so i can have a look thanks

4 Answers

I just got it to pass using the following code

<object data="img/love-at-first-bite.svg" type="image/svg+xml">
<a href="img/love-at-first-bite.svg">
<!--[ if lte IE 8 ]-->
<img src="img/love-at-first-bite.gif" alt="Love at First Bite">
<!--[ end if ]-->

All this is in the preceding video. Also see this link for more info on svg.

James Barnett
James Barnett
39,199 Points

Adam Sackfield -

Rather than tell someone the answer and leave them to try and guess why it's correct, I perfer a teach a man to fish approach.

First take a look at their code and then try to point them in the direction on how to fix any mistakes you notice. If they are having trouble posting code to the forum you can always point them to the tips video in the side bar.

i would also like to help with the hints........but how about the hints didn't work b'coz no description of the importance of "class" attribute in the video, where didn't tell the attribute should be removed or applied. Also no help was working just b'coz I had entered every possible answer could be...........

Nathan Elliott
Nathan Elliott
16,232 Points

James Barnett - I have to respectfully disagree with your opinion. While it may be your personal preference to teach with this method, it is in opposition to all of the current research on learning theory, which clearly shows that the most effective way for a person to learn is to make an honest attempt to solve a problem and then compare his or her answer to the correct one so that he/she receives immediate feedback to correct a mistake and take note for future problems. The teach a man to fish approach may sound better but it has been shown in numerous studies to be inferior.

James Barnett
James Barnett
39,199 Points

Nathan Elliott -

> The teach a man to fish approach may sound better but it has been shown in numerous studies to be inferior.

I'm always curious about pedagogy improvements, got any links to the peer reviewed journal articles from these stuides?

Nathan Elliott
Nathan Elliott
16,232 Points

Thank you for your openness. The vast majority of the papers on test re-test methods (and similar approaches under different names like feedback-error method, etc) require payment to view in full. In general, all that you will have access to for free on a search in Google Scholar, etc. are abstracts. However, please do have a look at results from popular search terms (which can be obtained from the presentation I reference below) as I would prefer that no one simply take my word for it.

Here is a fairly popular presentation from Berkeley that covers a broader range of topics in learning theory and summarizes several different learning methods, including some cherry-picked references at the end (by the author, not myself). You will probably recognize some very familiar material (Treehouse's method is based on PSI, which is discussed in the paper) including some discussion of test re-test methods and a brief discussion of feedback use.

I am really sorry for my question wrong typed. the following is the link for the question I have asked : http://teamtreehouse.com/library/build-a-responsive-website/responsive-design/flexible-images-part-one-vector-graphics

My final ans for this qustion was: <object data="img/love-at-first-bite.svg" type="img/svg+xml" class="chart"> <a href="img/love-at-first-bite.svg"> <!--[if lte IE 8 ]--> <img src="img/love-at-first-bite.svg" alt="Love at First Bite"> <!--![endif]--> </a> </object>

I got it Thanks so much......

No problem. Click the best answer button to close off the question and help others. Thanks Pratibha Soni