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Results don't return unless I type quit or cancel prompt

var message;
var student;
var search;

function print(message) {
  var outputDiv = document.getElementById('output');
  outputDiv.innerHTML = message;

  function getStudentReport ( student) {
var report = '<h2>Student: ' + + '</h2>';
report += '<p>Track: ' + student.track + '</p>';
report += '<p>Points: ' + student.points + '</p>';
report += '<p>Achievements: ' + student.achievements + '</p>';
    return report;

while (true) {
var search = prompt("What student would you like to search for? Type 'quit' to exit.");
  if (search === null || search.toLowerCase() === "quit") {
 for (var i=0; i<students.length; i +=1) {
 student = students[i];
if ( === search) {
     message = getStudentReport(student);

When I run the above code the prompt does not stop returning even if I type out a correct name. It does this even if I type 'break;' and place it in the last conditional statement above.. It returns the results only if I cancel or type quit in the prompt box.

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Thank you, Cheo.

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Dennis Amiel Domingo
Dennis Amiel Domingo
13,403 Points

Hi, Michael.

When you open the Workspace for this video, you'll notice that Dave posted a comment about this problem:

"/* Important note The behavior of most browsers has changed since this video was shot, so you won't see the same thing as I demonstrate in the video. In the video, you'll see that my script is able to print out to the browser using document.write( ) while inside a loop.

Most browsers no longer do that: they wait until the loop finishes and then they print to the window. So, you'll see a blank page until you type quit in the prompt window — then you'll see all the output printed to the screen.

Sorry for the confusion, and we'll update the video soon. */"

Now, to solve this problem, replace all instances of "print" with "alert" and you'll see your list as well as the other messages.



print( instock.join(', '));


alert( instock.join(', '));