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Below is the code and at the bottom of the page is the URL. Nothing is showing up when I try to view the page and add: /resume.html

<!doctype html> <html> <head> <title>Resume</title> </head>


<img src="" alt="Headphones on desk">
<h1>Lorena, Web Developer</h1>
<h2>Summary of Qualifications</h2>  


</body> </html>


2 Answers

Daniel Hall
Daniel Hall
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I see where you are coming from with that screenshot but the problem was actually not with the CONTENTS of your HTML file (which looks fine, by the way)... but with its actual NAME! Your browser wasn't able to find it.

What they ought to mention in the video is that the URL is case sensitive for workspaces. "resume.html" is treated as a completely different file from "Resume.html".

URLs are not always case sensitive (it depends on the server) but they seem to be when it comes to the names of files in workspaces.

From your question, I can see that you are typing the URL into your browser in all lower case letters (resume.html), so you should check your workspace and change your "Resume.html" to "resume.html" there also, so that any capitalization is identical in both places. Alternatively, you could type the URL into your browser with a capital "R", like this: ".../Resume.html) and that would also allow it to find the resume HTML file.

If you are still having trouble with this, please post a screenshot of your workspace window, so that we can see what capitalization was used for the actual HTML file - that's the key missing piece of information from your question.

Podrig Leoghain
Podrig Leoghain
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It's hard to work out what exactily you are trying to do but i will try to help if i can.

Are you trying to save that html as resume.html in workspaces? Have you tried this in another, standalone, text editor? I kept getting little bugs with workspaces!