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Brandon Martinez
Brandon Martinez
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I have been using Treehouse for almost a month and it is my first time learning to code but I'm finding it difficult to retain the information and feel as though I am not learning much. Is it just me or does this happen to everyone in the beginning and is there a way to actually make some progrees?

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Megan Amendola
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Megan Amendola
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Hi Brandon Martinez ! Sometimes it does take time. You may need to rewatch videos more than once before a concept sticks with you and that's totally normal! Also, I recommend trying to create something on your own. One of the best ways to test your knowledge, figure out where your gaps are, and ultimately, retain information is to write code by building small projects. For example, a number-guessing game is a great one to try. Have users input a number and let them know if they need to guess higher or lower until the guess the correct number. You can use JavaScript's prompt() function to get their input or Python's input() function if you're learning one of those two.