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Review My site

I need some people to look at my site and tell me what they think... i know I have a lot to do with descriptions, alt tags, title tags, and so on but please let me know what you think of the design and if you find any bugs in the site let me know and please checkout the responsiveness of the site....


6 Answers

James Barnett
James Barnett
39,199 Points

I really like the design of the site, it's extremely well designed, great use of whitespace and hierarchy.

I did notice a few issues:

  • To me the colors seem overly bright, if it were me I'd use colllor to tone them down a few shades.
  • I found the transitions on the images to be kinda distracting, but maybe that's just me.
  • You changed your :hover color, for different parts of the page, I think sticking to one style for all hovered links is better from a UX perspective.
  • All links could use title attributes to aid in user journeys.
  • The design breaks on your home page under IE9, so you might want to check out how your site works on IE8, IE9 & IE10.

On the Contact form

I'm not a big fan of this page, the rest of the site feels fresh and awesome, this page feels like it's lacking in design. Maybe check out this post on bringing your forms up to date with CSS3 and HTML5 validation

  • There's no error text on the contact form to tell the user what they need to do to resolve an issue with the highlighted field.
  • I didn't see a thank you page after I submitted the contact form, leading me to wonder if the message was actually sent, or not.
  • There doesn't appear to be any validation client or server side for email addresses

You might want to think about adding a few more break points, in your media queries for devices screens bigger than 900px and smaller 1600px. Check out how your site looks on various mobile platforms using the responsinator

Add in some responsive typography could help with the text size on different sized screens. The logo takes over the screen on smart phones viewing the site in landscape mode but fear not, there's a media query for that.

It looks really cool and I like the design a lot. The only thing that bothers me is that it's very large. It's hard to read because of this. I have to zoom out if I want to read anything without having to scroll down the page. Same thoughts on viewing on my iphone5, it's just huge fonts

On the widget manager, when you log out it tells you "You need to sign in or sign up before continuing." It should say something like you are now logged out, or see you soon. Also it didn't seem to be working when I tried to add a box to my order

Joel Rivera
Joel Rivera
29,401 Points

I like it a lot. Did you learn all the aspects of the design from the courses here?

Michael Morton
Michael Morton
4,902 Points

Hi Bill,

I like where your site is headed. Overall this is solid. A couple of suggestions:

  1. Cut down on the text underneath all the subheads (Wordpress, CS6, etc.) It's too much and doesn't encourage the visitor to read it.
  2. I'd add some extra spacing between the "code and design" section and the featured image. I'd also do the same between the footer and "recent work" section too.

Again man, good work here.

Thanks for all the comments guys. I will definitely look at everything and take it into consideration. This is definitely why I love the Treehouse forum. Tons of great comments.


Thanks for the feedback and I will definitely be working on the proportions of the text and images. Also I will take a look at the widget manager issue. Thanks a lot for the feedback again.


  • Thanks for the concise suggestions.

  • I think as far as e color scheme goes I will probably stick with what I have but I will definitely take a look at colllor and see what it may have to offer.

  • Similarly with the transitions but I will take a look at them again and see if they effect the overall user experience.

  • The links being consistent hover states and colors is a great suggestion and I plan on going through this and standardizing links across the site.

  • I planned on doing some testing in ie but I had a need to go ahead and get the site live so testing in browsers with browser stack is a priority this week along with uploading more projects and adding comments to the blog.

  • The contact page is without a doubt my least favorite section and I will be changing it soon. Thanks for all the comments and suggestions on the contacts page and I plan on incorporating all of your comments. Also thanks for all the great references as well.

the responsive font is a priority for sure. I noticed the proportions are way off as the site transitions between mobile resolutions. I also plan on taking a look at those break points.


Thanks for the good comment. I learned a great deal of the HTML, CSS, and rails at treehouse. I also went to Big Nerd Ranch for Ruby and Ruby on Rails. I also use www.codeschool.com


Thanks for the comments on the spacing. I will take that into consideration and test some different options. Also the wordiness is a little much so I will be looking at being more concise with my text throughout the site.

please keep all the great feedback coming

JD Richards
JD Richards
4,601 Points

I think the site looks wonderful and evokes a bit of excitement. I like the bright colors, they are quite bold. But I personally love lots of color when used well.

As an addition to what Michael Morton mentioned on cutting down the text, that's a possibility. My suggestion would be to add a little space to your line-height, both in the text under the sub headers & even in the blog page. The text seems a bit scrunched together. Just a little space I think will make all the difference.

Also maybe add a smaller version of the image of yourself that you use on your about page on your contact page. That would I think bring it up to par with the rest of your pages.

Great job!