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My question is this: Is it fair to say there are two major components in understanding Java? -

1). Understanding the behavior of syntax, meaning that there is a learning curve in first figuring out how things are supposed to work; for example - primitive vs reference variables, instantiation, for loops, if-else, data collections, etc...

2). Then, which I think is the hardest, being able to put it all together after doing the analysis on a project. The analysis alone is a major challenge.

This is my opinion. Does anyone see it different? Thanks!

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Nicholas Olsen
Nicholas Olsen
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Steven, it is a lot like learning a new language. For me personally, understanding the syntax, reserved words was a little difficult. The methods that all of the data types have are another challenge within itself. String for instance has multiple "pre-defined" methods that you can use, and there is almost no way it seems to memorize them all. Thankfully because Java has been along for so long we have access to tons of resources! After learning the syntax, and other necessary beginner info, piecing it all together is not as difficult as you may think. For me personally, the first idea, or the first attempt I make at a program, I almost inevitably make changes that I couldn't see beforehand that were needed. That is why practicing, practicing, and practicing is important. Also coming up with tasks to complete one at a time so that you can break apart certain aspects of a program is very helpful. I do think you have a good grasp at the basics of how you will learn and begin to implement your knowledge! Hopefully I helped a little.

Thank you Nicholas, that was a very thoughtful response and exactly the kind of feedback I was hoping for. I def liked your point about how your first attempt is normally changed after seeing it differently, and I agree, a ton of practice is important!

Thank you! You provided an excellent response!